what Chair do you use?


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Usually one with a back support, legs and something to sit on.

Serious answer: We have some ergonomicish ones here at work, very comfy :D


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i need a new chair and a chair for school. Those damn metal chairs dont cut it when sitting there doing work :(.
Leather chair here. The most I ever did was mount some cupholders to mine. Mostly because I never really saw the need to waste THAT much time attaching it to my computer desk. Plus. I don't really find car seats THAT confortable. I could see maybe a lay-Z boy chair or something...


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I should never have made this thread - some one was watching - TODAY my chair broke! Seriously it did and I had to go the f**k down to PC-World and get a new one..... and of course I was temnpoted and they had something in bargain and I am now upgrading wi-fi from b to g..... hopefully LinkSys works with all the rest of my kit.....

Hopefully chair stays functional (IE without my arse faklling through it like th eold leather/chrome one from Argos....)

Anyway that will teach me to laugh at others - betcha that never ever happened to him!