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What can I get for $200 and below!

Eww, yuk, it isn't even a 6600 GT. Here's my counter offer:


Note the 6600 family only has a 128 bit wide bus which slows it down at >1024 x 768 and when using high AA and AI settings. Still the best bang for the buck in the mid range cards.

Or you can get the ATI X800 with a 256 bit memory interface for $20 more, but still within your budget.

The X800 is slower at lower resolutions and with no AA & AI, but pulls ahead when you start using higher quality settings in games due to its wider memory interface (256 vs 128).
The 9800 pro handles BF2 fine close to full detail on my machine and the 6600GT is running BF2 fine on a buddies machine, both at 1024x768. If you want to go to higher rez those 2 cards might get slow. The other cards I listed should run it even better than the 9800 PRO and the 6600GT.

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