What are the files in c:Windows/prefetch?



The prefetch folder is a cache folder. It contains info that links to recently used programs and files. It is the first place that the OS will look when you want to open a program and / or when your system boots. It speeds both.

Prefetch is enabled by default.

For more detailed info you can do a search on google.


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its worth deleting all these files every now and then -
You can end up with 100s you never use
your next couple of boots will be a bit slower until the new files have been created


Sorry to disagree TwoZ, but I never delete files in the Prefetch and I have no files older than two weeks old. It appears to do its own housekeeping.;)

I know I've seen that advice frequently - and while it can't do any harm I just don't agree with it.


thanks for the replies. I asked because i noticed programs i opened have prefetch files in that directory. Some programs i don't use anymore still have prefetch files.

Allan, so I should let windows automatically handle those and not delete on my own?


nysaga - not a big deal either way. If they are old files, then by all means take TwoZ's advice and delete them - it cannot hurt anything. As I said, my prefetch seems to manage itself, but perhaps some don't.

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either way works

I have deleted those files before and the world continued to turn at approx 800 miles an hour lol

either way works after a delete the first couple of boots are a tad slower and also when you open some apps but it will catch up in a short time

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