What are the age ranges here?

I am a dirty old man of 55, married for almost 33 years to the same woman (now that's different in this day and age), two daughters (32 & 26) one granddaughter (12) and a grandson due in December.

Born, bred & raised as a Yankee (Pennsylvania), 23 + years in the Air Force ( stateside, Germany, England - where I hijacked my wife from) Japan and 2 wonderful (?) tours in Southeast Asia. Been trying to either become or at least figure out the "rednecks" for the last 10 years here in Mississippi!

It has been a very busy and confusing 55 years!:p
I don't feel so old now damnyank! Don't try and figure out the rednecks... just go with the flow!

Soon to be 50 with 3 gurls (26, 21 & 18). As long as I don't get on the floor I'm still in pretty good shape! :)
Custer - I am "fixin" to do that - just go with the flow!!!!:D :D
Originally posted by damnyank

Born, bred & raised as a Yankee (Pennsylvania), 23 + years in the Air Force

Thank you for your service Damnyank.
Please Custer - just don't mention PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) !!!:p :p
Originally posted by damnyank
Please Custer - just don't mention PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) !!!:p :p

Well Im 35, live in Pittsburgh and just got back from Niagra falls 1 hour ago....

Times New Roman 52, married for 33 years, daughter 21 son 18, both at University (financial pain felt). Nine years military (discrete transistor era), originally a musician but converted to electronics when I was 20 and then to software development at 25 with the arrival of the first electronic synthesisers. Now a software developer for the transport sector. Anyone remember op-amps?

You don’t grow older unless you have a mirror. Don’t give up.

Be lucky…….
Yippeee someone older than me in the forum, wont mention your name damnyank :D

I am 53, married 3 times, 3 kids from first marriage and 5 grandkids.

Born in Scotland, moved to Australia when I was 2 yrs old and now in the Philippines for the last 4 yrs but going back to Oz in the next 18 months.

I am a retired farrier/blacksmith/boilermaker/welder.

My wife is a Professor of Communications, MA, MA, PhD. Fulbright Scholar. She teaches in one of the top Universities in the Philippines.
Goku here :D

I'm 18, I'm young and living it up :cool:

I'm off to University this September on a 4 year Software Engineering course and I want to become a Video Games Developer in the future.

Wish me luck! :)
i'm 17 and i'm starting my job tomorrow! ahhhh!!! shift is 2pm-midnight, monday thru thurs... 7.50 an hour... oh well some friends and i are gunna work there so it'll be nice. need the cash too!
I'm happy with what i've got !!??!! in mind i'm 19, in body somewhere between 53 and 55!!

Married once, partnered once, six kids and three grandkids.

TOK:D :eek: :D
Guess I'll have me go.

I'm 26 (I think) this August, but I have the body of a 40-year-old man. I've worked in inventory and database management, and was a PC repairman and tech 'til I finally went off my tree. I'm now completely bonkers, hence unemployed. (I do often joke that working with computers thrusted me into mental illness, but in hindsight I wonder how true that may well be after all.)

I'm apparently nuts enough to have an Australian girlfriend with four kids. Yes, I was already on medication at that point.
Oh what the hell!.....33 single dad of two (11 & 10) for the last nine years.

And if there are any single women out there...I'm 6' 185 lbs. with green eyes.....oh yeah, & i wear handcuffs and carry a nightstick :D

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