What apps do you use for.....

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web - atm im using firefox (safari is good not sure if i should go back to it)
email - Thunderbird
IM - adium
photo - photoshop cs4
video (editing/creating) premire pro cs4
video (editing creating) soundbooth cs4
video (watching) vlc

what I'm still looking for (i have looked on apple site and google) is things like

torrent - i know utorrent has a mac port, has or does anyone use it
binary news - on windows i used newsleecher
ftp/sftp/fxp - on windows i was using flashfxp

I know i could install bootcamp and xp and use the programs that way - i would prefer mac native, unless i have no other choice


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Browsing: Safari
Email: Mail.app
IM: Adium
Photo management: iPhoto
video editing: Final Cut Pro
Video watching: Perian plug-in for Quicktime or VLC
Torrent: Transmission (the only client I ever use)
ftp: Cyberduck/ncftp

I don't do binary news stuff, ever.


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Web: Camino (though Safari 4 does seem nice)
Email: I only use web based (except my iPhone where 99% of the time I use Mail)
IM: Adium
Photo Editing - Photoshop (not sure what version it even is now - perhaps CS)
Video (editing/creating): I don't
Video (watching): VLC (if VLC doesn't play it I most likely don't wanna watch it


Torrents: Transmission [watch what version you use and don't upgrade on day 1] - I've also used rtorrent/libtorrent via Macports :)

Binary News / Newsgroups: Unison (by Panic)
FTP/SFTP: Transmit (heard good things about Forklift also) - never used FXP :(

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well seeing as i run imap for all my accounts i suppose it doesnt matter what i use, what is mail like? i mean it have good filters and such?

Seeing as i have different OSes and such i have it set so i can get it from anywhere, web, vista, mac :)


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web - Firefox.
email - Gmail through Firefox.
IM - Digsby
photo - Photoshop CS4. Don't really edit photos. Paint.NET on Windows is plenty powerful.
video (watching) - Media Player Classic / VLC

torrent - I used to have my main PC on all the time for torrenting, but I have switched over to putting large drives on a Debian box and using TorrentFlux (torrentflux.com/)
binary news - I haven't use usenet in years. Google groups if anything.
ftp/sftp/fxp - Filezilla does everything I need it to do.

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yes mplayer is better shame there is no package for mac (well there is but out dated) suppose i will have to look into compiling from source :)

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web - firefox
email - Thunderbird
IM - adium
photo - photoshop cs4
video (editing/creating) imovie
video (editing creating) - none
video (watching) vlc - looking at mplayer though
torrent - transmission
binary news - undecided see below
ftp/sftp/fxp - undecided see below

Last question on this, i near have all what i need, the last two apps seem to be shareware meaning i will have to buy (or look elsewhere) to use them, seeing as i already have 2 paid apps for this task, not that i do a lot of it, should i just leave the windows pc to do what i need in regards to these two apps or would people suggest using bootcamp?
Just and FYI while you think over and FTP/SFTP client .. if you want to be insane you can do both via command line lol.

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