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What am i doing wrong with my SCSI drives?!



Hey guys I feel really stupid here because im tryin to put 4 38.6 gig scsi drives on a raid 0 array, but i dont have the money for a hardware raid atm so im going to put it up as a software raid on windows xp pro. I know how to set up the raid, but i cant get the computer to recognize my god damn scsi drives. They are all on different channels, and are all connected and powered up. Im having the same problem with one of my IDE drives as well. The drives dont show up in my computer, and they arent accesible in any way. Does anyone have any idea how i can go about getting these things installed?


MB: Tyan 2665
CPU: Dual xeon 2.4ghz
OS: Windows XP pro
RAM: 1gig pc2100

if there are other stats on my computer you think would help you decifer this problem than just ask and ill be very willing to help you help me. Thanks a lot guys for checkin out this problem for me. Im totally lost =(


Both my IDE hdd's show up in disk management, but the larger of the two i cant format through there, or i just dont actually know how. None of the scsi drives show up there. Also im not using a scsi card because my mobo has onboard scsi.


hardware monkey
can you right-click on your ide drive in disk management and 'format' them?

as fo scsi, does the scsi controller show up in device manager with no problems? have you tried updating drivers?


NTFS Stoner
so if its onboard scsi array then it will be a scsi bios issue to initialize the drives for windows to see. is the scsi array enabled in bios ?


Windows apparently hasnt even recognized the onboard scsi adapter, but i know that this motherboard has one since it has 2 big freakin scsi ports on the damn motherboard. Im gonna try activating it in bios if i can find it anywhere, but as of now im still at square one =( Any other idea if the bios thing doesnt work out?


OSNN Advanced
Try the bios first, make sure that scsi is enabled.
There's a setting for detecting attached drives - see if you can enable scsi in there.

On the Windows side, you might need to install the motherboard's drivers/patches if a CD came with it.


well what exactly do you need to know?

mobo: tyan 2665 Sn: 2665UANF
CPU: 2.4 ghz xeon (dual)
Gfx: Radeon 9800 pro
RAM: 2 gig PC2100
Hdd: 80 gig IDE
70 gig IDE
SCSI: 38.6 gig 10000rpm (x4) (these need to be on a raid 0)

if theres something more ask more specifically so i know what to look for. But thats pretty much all the stats besides powersupply and case and stuff. Thanks for the help =)


Had this problem installing a SATA drive this week.
Win XP does not have SCSI/RAID /SATA drivers preloaded.
I copied the mobo H/D control driversfrom the installation cd on to floppies .( approx 1.20Mb each)
When booting fron XP CD, press F6 when instructed at the very beginning, after your h/drive is inspected, to load specialist drivers
Then press S to load the drivers from floppy and then continue the xp install .
This allows Windows to "see"the hard drive to install the op system
Maybe the next version of Windows will have preloaded Raid and SCSI drivers of various types.
This might help


Ya i didnt have the RAID drivers, but i had already installed xp, so all i did was i went and downloaded the drivers and then installed them when it detected the new hardware from turning on the scsi in bios. Does anyone know the jumper config on a scsi drive? there are 12 jumpers and i just dont know how im supposed to set them, so they are on default atm. Also should scsi drives be on the same or different jumper channel? and if different do they need to be in acending order based on how they are plugged into the cable? Thanks

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