what a waste

Perris Calderon

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24 Jan 2002
want to see waste of code? (in ie, no such foolishness in firefox)

right click a scroll bar
whoo never knew that, now that is really a waste of kbs
bet they could take that out, fix png and still save space in the overall filesize :p
Geffy said:
bet they could take that out, fix png and still save space in the overall filesize :p

I bet it's still in the seven when longhorn is released
perris said:
I bet it's still in the seven when longhorn is released

read somewhere that ie 7 will only be available with longhorn.

Some high court judge says that m$ can't allow it as a seperate download.

All that TISWAS about netscape and other browser writers not getting a good cut.

Seen ie 6.05 at techconnect.ws it's horrible.

Hope they do allow us to use ie 7 as a seperate download.

I love ie etc etc
ya, the seven is not going to be a stand alone, I linked to the article in a thread for a petition to correct an issue in ie...check it out

this stand alone rulling will hurt more then it helps us common folk, because as soon as that happens, and microsoft isn't allowed to give away the browser, then the other browsers will start to charge for their browsers, and that will suck

don't forget, we owe free browsers to microsoft, and we will have netscape to blame fir paid browsers when it happens...as soon as they thinki they can btw.

I sure hope the seven is good enough to use without having to pay for mozilla or opera...we'll see.
i d/l'd the 6.05 beta....its like winamp for html, ie: "it did it fine before, why change it?"
that made me laugh, i cant think of any scenario myself or anyone else would ever want to use that.
The fact that it won't be available for download won't make any difference to netscape. A lot of people who buy pc's use IE as it comes bundled with the os and they don't know any different.

I agree though, if it wasn't for Microsoft, Netscape would still be a paid for download!
Kevin Ar18 said:
That won't happen. Mozilla (what Netscape 6/7 is based on) is an open source browser that is available for free.
of course the open source browsers will remain, they will stop supporting them in favor of their newly found cash cow, browsers they can charge for like they did before the microsoft giveaway

64 bit programs coming soon.

all software today will be obsolete as compared to the programs that can take advantage of 64 bit

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