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Whacky Bat.deltree.trojan virus !!!!



Getting a pop up as of the last few days....especially in my sons account about a bat.deltree.trojan virus!!
It APPEARS to have infected an autoexec.bat file, yet I can't seem to find such a file in Win XP !!! Anyone have any ideas or are they ALSO seeing this ?!?!

Now here's one for the conspiricy groups!! This started happening the other day when I was grabbing files from the windows update site @ MS !!!! Right in the middle of the automatic install....I got a warning about this same virus, yet it won't let me do ANYTHING about it (Norton 2002, updated 4-5 days ago)

I don't see the warning anymre on my account but my son's account getts them all over the place !!


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Ok as to way you aren't getting the message in ur account but in your son's I don't know. Make sure Norton is update since I believe the latest update is dated the 14 of August. If that comes up with no virus then try a the links I've posted at the end of this message. Third autoexec.bat is a hidden operating system file that is by default hidden from the user, to see it go to tools in a folder select folder options then select the view tab scroll down till you see show hidden files and folders and show protected OS files click apply and you should be able to see autoexec.bat. I hope this helps you.

free online virus scan link 1

free online virus scan link 2

check here for more info

here is a bit more info on the one u have


I've done that already.....

...and I still find NO autoexec.bat file, which is really weird!! System runs just fine...so I assume Win XP doesn't use one.....or does it??

Still think it had something to do with the files I downloaded from the MS Update site the other day! Because I haven't installed or downloaded ANYTHING else since then and it was when I was installing the updates that this happenede!! Might have something to do with the .Net update I let it do.....even though the first set of files it installed 2 months ago were fine, I suspect something was wrong with the update!!

Just makes you wonder how someone could screw up an MS update file on THEIR server.....hmmmmm!!


Autoexec.bat is right on my C:\ folder.

Make sure you have "show hidden files" on when searching for it.

-When opened with notepad, there's no text whatsoever in mine.

Good luck !

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From here:


Detected as:


No additional information.

This threat is detected by the latest Virus Definitions.

All computer users should employ safe computing practices, including:

Keeping your Virus Definitions updated.
Installing Norton AntiVirus program updates, when available.
Deleting suspicious looking emails.
You may also scan your PC for threats now, by using the free online Symantec Security Check.

To ensure complete protection against viruses and similar threats, please review Symantec's product offerings for Home and Corporate users.


MS update virus

This has happened to me before... I was right in the middle of installing updates from MS site and all of a sudden NAV starts throwing up pretty red boxes left and right telling me about about the virus it detected (can't recall what it was, this was a while back under Win98) and was unable to repair. I reported the problem to MS complete w/ screenshots and was able to complete the updates problem free the following day. SO I guess it's possible you may have gotten it from MS, but more likely it came from another source.
The latest NAV update should be the 18th, at least that's when mine were last updated via automatic updates.

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