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WGA lockout?


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So my cousin has a dell, bought and legit. The dell was used at my uncles pool company until he sold it so he gave the computer to my cousin (his daughter in law). Anyways, the pc wont let her log in to windows due to the pc being "not Genuine" which is weird cus its from dell and to her knowledge has never been upgraded or anything! Is there any way around this, i need to see if the cd key matches the windows sticker on the pc, for the serial number, or would it be best to call MS activation department and talk to them over the phone?

Oh also i have this link and tried it with a XP pro cd i acquired ( odnt know if its corporate or just xp pro), and i changed it to OEM, and it still didnt work....


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sweet, i gotta hook up the machine, and try to set up my wireless linksys...but crap, i cant get into load the drivers..anyway around that? or i can just wait till the morning and hook itup in my parents room to the modem...


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The pc is a dell dimension 360 so im not sure if its a corp pc..how can i tell? I was able to boot it up into safe mode without an issue, disable the admin password and squeeze my way into the OS bypassing the WGA. Setup my wireless linksys and asked for the number for the ctivation hot line. Ran MS Product key changer, rebooted to the normal activation window, the called ms and explained the situation and got my code. Glad i didn't use a re-install disc, i would have had to activate from phone anyway...

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