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Western Digital SUCKS



Hi everyone...
I bought a 80gig western digital harddrive today... after i installed it... it show 74.5 gig capacity... do you guy knows what's wrong with it?? it think western digital is calculating 1k byte as 1000 byte instead of what they should do as 1024 bytes.. then it counts their dirve bigger then it is... basicly they just ripped me off I recon... I bought an ibm b4 40gig... and I got 41gig actually... so I am happier with IBM then western digital and western digital is all you people remcomended... can you give me a reason why I am not getting 80gig from a 80gig harddrive and I should still be happy about it???:( or you guys think it's really 80gig it's just that I am doing something wrong??? Please let me know.. Thanks

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You were right paul_43

Found this>

"Capacity: Even a hard drive’s advertised size can be misleading. In the hard-drive industry, 1MB is defined as 1 million bytes, not the more technically accurate 1,048,576 bytes. So what does this mean to you at the end of the day? Well, if you’re buying a 75GB drive, probably not much, because you’ll likely never fill your drive capacity anyhow. Just be aware that if you believe 1MB to be 1,048,576 bytes, your "75GB" hard drive is probably closer to 72GB."

Ripped off again. :mad:


yeah... but it didn't happen to IBM ones... as I mentioned b4.. I bought a 40gig... and I actually got 41 gig... :) ....


80 gig is the unformatted capacity, when you format it you lose some of that, how much depends on the file system.
NTFS uses the least amount, is faster, more secure, throw FAT32 in the bin!!!


you are right.. and I am using NTFS .... and I am sure my calculation is right coz it checked it... Western digital sucks.. that's all about it... :X


and umm... which one is more feature rich and cheaper?

WD sucks??? You just didn't do your homework before purchasing ur drive...


Then why do you think WD drive is better?? seek time is slower then all other brand in general... well.. if you say it's stable.. that's something that can't be tested easily...


If you get a Western Digital get the special edition that has 8mb of cache, then you can get near SCSI prefformance.


well... I am only gonna be using it for storage.. not gonna put an operating system or even installing programs on it.. so... a super speedy harddisk is not essential...
yeah i have the western digital 100gig hard drive with 8 meg buffer and its really mint, it shows up as 93.1gig but im not really complaining :D


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I have that 80gig drive and yes it reports 74 gig after a NTFS format. Works great for me. I usually use quantum/maxtor drives.


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I have the 8mb buffer 80GB one (yes its detected as 74GB), but im happy with it, losing a couple of gigs is better then having a completly full 30GB like before. Overall with the speed and performacne i LOVE this drive



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Just wait til you have to send you ibm drive back.....worst track record on reliability....

I run WD drives...never a problem...had an ibm 40gb 75GXP ...died...replacement...died...gave up... sticking with WD
i went onto the western digital site and it said that only there 100gig and 120gig hard drives come with the special 8 meg buffer

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