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WEP and Windows XP


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Trying to use 128 bit encryption on a LinkSys WAP 11 with a computer using XP Pro with SP-1 installed. XP Pro says it is connected, but I cannot connect to the internet nor another computer. I am presently using a LinkSys WMP54G wireless PC card. I have also tried encryption with a LinkSys WUSB11 with no success. On another computer with Win 2K as the OS encryption on the WAP works correctly. I received no error messages. Unencrypted the XP Pro computer connects to the internet and the WIN 2K computer. Any ideas?
I am having the same problem. I am running a NETGEAR MR814v2 router.

Do I put the "Phrase" in the in the setup of the adapter that I put in the router or do I put the 26 hex/dec that was generated by my router in the "Phrase" section of the adapter setup? If I remove the WEP I can connect without a problem.


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Isn't there patches for WEP in SP2 or is it just late and i'm crazy?

-edit- Ok i'm not losing it :p

Microsoft has simplified and improved the wireless control applet; it is now much easier to locate wireless networks and enable security options such as WEP.
Taken from here .


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You need to have the same SSID on all wireless devices, they should also be using the same channel to connect to each other.
With encryption, maybe you're not entering the password in properly.

One thing I noticed on my laptop though is that when it ask to enable IEEE 802.1xx authentication, I have to leave the box blank in order to automatically connect to my Linksys wireless router. Could this be the same for you?

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I just use 64bit with MAC filtering. Havent had any unwanted visitors and I fouhd that 128bit had probs with connection (from what I can remember)


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Found a note on LInkSys' Website which states "XP Wireless Zero Configuration does not support Pass Phrase" in the Network Key and Confirm Key on the Wireless Properties Sheet. Entered the hexadecimal code from the WAP's default TX key and the connection is now encrypted. Additionally, the Network Authentication is set to Open. Until I found the note I was all over LinkSys and Microsoft's web sites trying to find the answer. Turning off the wireless service was no help. Hopes this helps some folks.

Admiral Michael

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"XP Wireless Zero Configuration does not support Pass Phrase" this is true. You will need to enter the entire encryption key manually. I believe you can copy and paste it.

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