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probably a dumb idea, but could we have a section in non-tech, to just welcome people into the forums and perhaps they can give some kind of detail about what they know and why they came here. just so we can get to know each other a little better.

just an idea.

Electronic Punk

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I have seen this work in other places.
Perhaps during my next shakeup.

As some of you may have noticed (although not posted) I have made a few changes and add a few buttons to the homepage) so am more in the design phase of stuff than making forums etc.

Who knows :p


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when i imagine you pissed off speedy i have this image of that old badger avatar you used to have in full beating up bigbird.. *where the hell do i come up with this øøøø*


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SPeedY_B said:
Not to mention that asking for rep is against the forum guidelines (and pisses me off :p)
well that puts the creepers into me then doesn;t it :)

So can i get some rep points please :lick:


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I think a Welcome section is a good idea. New members can be encouraged to introduce themselves there so that The Green Room isn't cluttered with new members' posts.

*puts ballot in the box*


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Unless your post is related to the original topic, then please refrain from posting in here. The problems/feedback section is not meant for general chat.
lancer said:

oh and real nice moonwraith i thought we are buddies.

i see how it is! :(
Nah, we're sound mate! Only pulling ya leg.

Back to topic; I think any thread (as people have already said)that people would want to enter to say hello or anything like thatwould be.. The Really Long Thread for example.. that's pure spam - aWelcome thread might work out quite well, but i think that'd kinda gotowards a "2nd really long thread"

Hope that made sense :rolleyes: It's been a long day involving 200+ miles of driving and interviews and stuff.


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I'm not sure that one single thread would be a good idea. I'm more for an actual section where each newbie can introduce himself/herself in their own thread. That way if people want to continue discussing something with that user (from the same hometown, for example), then it doesn't get awkward keeping track of what posts go with what topic. Make sense?

Additionally, perhaps it could be a requirement for all new members to make their first post in that section. That way, they see the community that exists when they are welcomed by the members, and it would probably make many of them want to keep returning to OSNN.
Just a thought. :)

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