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Welcome Home

To be without xp-erience for a whole 48 hours, not worth even thinking about. I didn't realise how important my daily 'fix' was. Welcome home.



at last

Good to see your back guys :)

That was some serious downtime. There was a fault with the Main internet Backbone, and they were running on backups, our site uses a ton of bandwith so they couldnt let us loose on the backup line ... which meant we had to be closed for a couple of days.

Ive found some cool downloads and stuff in the last few days and will be posting when i get home.

The only good thing to come of this is I actually managed to catch up on my studies ...


Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
So good to see you back !
I was becoming desperate as I surf your site more than once a day, including this excellent forum !
For 48 hrs, I would try to connect nearly once an hour to see wether you were back or not; always have been disapointed to see you weren't back yet, ...until now !

Electronic Punk

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Originally posted by Bytes back
Thank god for that, it was getting very expensive in fags. :D

Hey Gothic, love the spider :)
Be careful how you use that word around our friends across the pond, been very careful recently and keep saying cigs ;)
Cained about 150 of em since around when the site went down, but thats normal and I mean to cut down, got 100 left -- then I will quit, or at least start a poll about quitting, mwhahhaha


Things got pretty serious here in the US too. I figured it was all a plot to keep a great source of British entertainment away from us, so I've been watching a Benny Hill marathon on satellite tv.

They won't stop me from getting my cultural fix everyday.
Originally posted by Alliedsvcs
so I've been watching a Benny Hill marathon on satellite tv.

They won't stop me from getting my cultural fix everyday.
Wish I could've joined you, Benny Hill, one of our greats!!!:D


Neat to have it back Waddy

:D I found I missed getting a good source to find out things, that u may not be aware of. It's amazing how much u get to rely on something.

Winxper:p :p :p :p:
We go into the future of technology now.:confused:

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