Weird wireless/ethernet problem...


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5 Feb 2004
Ok, here's what's up.

1 Laptop w/ Wireless connection
1 Desktop currently ethernet, soon wireless
1 Netgear WGR614 Router

Currently, it seems that the router is perfering the the internet for the desktop is slower, or rather takes longer to start getting the info off the net. The laptop however is very responsive, and acts like my desktop did prior to putting in the router/wireless stuff. Is there some kind of preference or balancing issue that is known, or needs to be setup? It takes forever on the desktop, but things chug right along on the laptop.

Seems it does this while the laptop is turned on only. If the laptop is OFF, not in standby, etc; it will be slower on the desktop. :confused:
In a weird twist, I have installed the pci wireless for my desktop, and now it seems fine....

Everything seems balanced and speeds are back up where they should be. Before, my laptop was dropping the connection about once every 2 hours, and then would pick it back up after about a minute. However, since upgrading the desktop, it hasn't dropped yet....

So confused, but at least it's all working right :)

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