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weird windows98 problem.. help please !!

My fiancee has a computer with windows 98 on it.. it worked fine.. we moved a few days ago and now this weird problem happens.. we turned it on.. and got some blue screens.. so the computer froze.. now when we try to start windows it sits there on the loading screen then all the sudden it goes to a black screen and says "it is now safe to turn off your computer" everytime we try to restart it just goes to that screen.. it goes in safemode fine though.. anyone out there have this same problem? or can anyone help me? thank you..


Open her up (not your woman) check to see that all the ram, cables and inside plugs are firmly in place.

Make sure you have removed power cable from mains and tap sides to diffuse static away or better use an anti static band.

Whilst you are in there carefully clean away dust and any hair clips that might be floating around :|
One of the hardware drivers Windows loads at start is causing the crash. That can be corruption of the driver files on the hard disk or damaged hardware.

Since you just moved the PC. Open the case and reseat all the cables and plug in cards. That may fix any hardware problems.

The other possibility is the disk was damaged (scratched) duirng hte move and you lost a driver file. This was common in the old days before they had HD that automatically parked the disk heads over an unused part of the disk. Run a disk check. (I think it's called chkdisk on Windows 98, it's been a long time.) Make sure the automatically fix damaged files is turned on.

Finally, boot in safe mode and enable one device at a tiem until the system crashes. Thats the bad one and you need to reload it's device drivers. If you don't have the disk most drivers can be found doing a google search. If it's a tough one post what you need back here and we'll have a scavenger hunt for it.
hey guys,
Maybe booting into MSdos,safe mode etc. to perform the scandisk? I agree you should open the puter and check all your connections first. If that doesnt work, Then try booting into command prompt and at the prompt where ever windows is located. C: is the default type C:/scandisk and enter. And then make a copy of the report and go over it for problems. To repair its C:/scandisk /fix. If i remember right those are the commands. good luck, frogg_mann

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