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Hey all,

We're having some odd troubles at work on the windows 2000 machines.. i've got all the guys into personalized email sounds, but the problem is, windows runs them at like 1.5 speed or 2x speed, so it sounds goofy. my worf "Captain... Incoming Message!" doesnt even sound like Worf.

I think this is one of those things you can only fix if you've ran into it before.. this is an odd one.

- Cam


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We got a similar thing with Win2K and the onboard sound chip in the Dell Optiplex GX-150 series at work.
The CEO did a webcast like Mickey Mouse lol.
It was easily resolved through a driver update. :)
Once updated problem gone.
If the sound is on-board, try a BIOS update also ;)


That's hilarious.

Same way with us.. the good ole ALLTEL CEO screaming like minnie mouse about productivity and THE CUSTOMER FIRST and what have you... at least we're not the only ones :)

Am I going to have to open up the box to find out what driver I need or is it a general driver?


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If the PC is branded, go to the manufacturers website, locate the model and download the driver.
If not, open up the case and look inside for card with sound connectors in a riser either PCI or CNR. You should be able to obtain a manufacturer name or chip/part ID/number. Go to the manufacturers homepage et voila!.
If there is no evidence of any numbers as mentioned, try locating the FCC ID number you can run it through the FCCID website to get the relevant info.
If the sound chip is onbard you will have to look at the motherboard chips to identify the part number


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I'm tired now and need to get some sleep. It's 1:30am here and I gotta work 2moro.
Good luck with the driver hunt. i'll see how u got on 2moro. :)


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I'm with Erbmaster on this one, but I had one other thought that could turn out to be simpler. It's been over a year since I worked on a 2000 system, so I don't remember for sure... does the 'update driver' option in device manager search online? If so, and the sound card is not on-board, then you might have luck updating the driver that way. Of course, if it is on-board then you will be messing with the BIOS. Good luck to ya!

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