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weird reboot problems (again!)



The problem is that my pc reboots randomly (automatic restart disabled) without any error event in the event viewer. After the first reboot the computer reboots continuously (over 10 times) several seconds after the black screen with the blue moving bar appears.

If I turn the computer off and turn it on again after a couple of minutes, it starts normally.

I have recently had to change the power supply (300 W)
because the previous one (215 W) died.

The problem with the random reboots started after the installation of the big hard drive (3 months ago).

I had a similar problem a few days ago

Thanx in advance.


Just a guess - but it sounds like either overheating or maybe you got a defective power supply.


my roomate had a similar problem not too long ago, he had a bad mobo, might want to get it checked out, just my .02 cents.


I had a problem of automatic reboots

It was because of wrong modem drivers.

Look like it is not your problem, but maybe its a direction.

Maybe one of your new hardware is not XP compatible?


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Check connections to the new HD. Check basics, ie... Ribbon Cables, connections to all Cards and Drives.


Originally posted by gonaads
Check connections to the new HD. Check basics, ie... Ribbon Cables, connections to all Cards and Drives.
I have already done that but nothing changed.


Find out if you have an ACPI compliant motherboard. One way to see if the feature is active is to open the Device Manager and check the first device at the very top. If you do have a ACPI compliant system, then check to see if you have any IRQ conflicts with PCI/AGP devices. You can do this by running the Computer Manangement program. The fastest way to run this program is to right-click My Computer and click Manage. First, click System Information on the left, double-click Hardware Resources, and then double-click Conflicts/Sharing on the right. If your sound card is using the same IRQ that any other PCI/AGP device is using, you have a potential problem.

Solution #1: Move your sound card to another PCI slot and check to see if it uses a different IRQ this time.

Solution #2: Go into the BIOS and disable Plug n Play OS, restart, then run Device Mananger and replace the ACPI system, the top most device, by updating the drivers with a Standard PC system. [Warning: Your system apparently can crash from this, but mine didn't]

So far I haven't had any crashes, but it's only been a few hours since I performed Solution #2. ;)


Sorry for taking so long to reply. I checked the resources:

(PCI) 10 - Creative Audio PCI (ES1731, ES1373) (WDM)

(PCI) 10 - CMI 8738/C3DX PCI Audio device

(PCI) 10 - NVIDIA Geforce 2 MX/MX 400

(PCI) 10 - Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller

(PCI) 10 - VIA Rev 5 or later USB Controller

(PCI) 10 - VIA Rev 5 or later USB Controller

(PCI) 10 - VIA Rev 5 or later USB Controller

Any suggestions?

And something else. When the pc boots and I play some music files (mp3s or streams) the sound is distorted although it is fine when I play games. If I reboot the computer the sound is OK!


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O.K. ... I may be wrong thinking this but, here goes:

Your QUANTUM Fireball KA 18.2 is a ATA/66.
Your WD600BB is an Ultra ATA/100.

Now do you have the correct Ribbon cable for the Ultra ATA/100???

Second, About your Chaintech 7vjd2 MoBo.
(Quote) from Toms Hardware:

An interesting option for those looking to make the switch: This board features two SDRAM slots and two DDR-SDRAM slots. However, we would not recommend using conventional SDRAM, since the performance drops considerably compared with DDR-SDRAM. DDR-SDRAM mode requires that an additional terminator (included) be placed in one SDRAM slot.


(A terminator for DDR-SDRAM audio panel.)

I see from your Specs that you have DDR Memory. Is this installed?

I may be totally off with this.


The ribbon cable is UDMA 66/100 and the terminator is installed.
I disabled the on-board sound chip (CMI 8738/C3DX PCI ) but the problem continues.
Now, the Creative soundcard is in IRQ 5 (alone) and the IRQ 10 is shared between the Geforce 2 and the 1394 controller.

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