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Weird Problem


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It has happened twice today. When I posted something in a thread, it also attached a picture (of this lady). I should have taken a screenshot but I forgot.

TittleBitties and sraycoz saw it and they thought I actually posted it.

I don't even attach the pictures. What's wrong? Is it related to the SQL glitch or something.


Dabba Dooba
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its a funny pic and i was thinkin that it was cause he said the person above me is wrong i do know him and that he posted that pic cause that his suppose to be him. LOL i unno

also some threads show one person posted but when i look at the thread they didnt post and i keep refreshing and it still never changes.

Electronic Punk

Staff member
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It is something that will eventually resolve itself, but I will be introducing something about attachments quite soon anyway.

Electronic Punk

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I have purged attachments from the lost period, so all should be well now.

Ok, gonna be slightly less secretive.
Basically in vbulletin 2.x when the attachments got large, waddy would run a script and it would delete any attachments over say 2 months. I don't want to do this method and vbulletin3 has a totally different method of dealing with attachments. Your user control panel has advanced attachment management where you can view what you have attached and the posts that you added the attachment to.

At the moment there is no attachment quota, that is, you can take up as much space as you like, I may change this shortly tho, but I haven't decided on caps or whether different groups will have different caps... or whether I will bother at all!!


Have a good look in there, and try and remove any attachments that you just don't think are worthy :)

Only picked on gonaads cos he has 530 attachments - lol (40 megs worth ;))


Beware the G-Man
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Is that all. I though I had more. :p

I gotta stop puttin attachment with my explanations. But they work better when ya can see it too. :(

Aaaa f00k it. Gonna have ta start hostin them on my works web site server. :p

Electronic Punk

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Well it's just a general plea for users to take a look at their attachments and prune their own :)

Just tohught I would pick on you two as it was convenient!

Don't you feel the shame having been picked on for uploading?
I think it might be attachments relocking with their associated post id as the post id comes back since the post table was reverted

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