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weird problem!



hi everybody,

I have been working all day to try to solve this problem and I don't get anywhere.
When I start the computer it comes to the log on screen where the bar moves on the screen and that's it. It stops there, sometimes it freezes and then go on for a while then freezes and so on it goes but never moves on from there.
I have to turn off the pc, then XP ask if I want to start in normal mode which I do and then it open XP as normal? This happens each time.
I also have a problem with the cd burner. XP does see it as sec. but not primary. It is no life in the burner and XP does not see it from system. It used to work and now it dosnt.

I have reinstalled XP after formating the disk but the start-up problem is still there!
I have never seen this problem before.

Perhaps something in the bios? I don't know and I don't know how to poke around there to figure it out.

Another strange thing, some days ago a file called 'windows' was in the garbage can and I'm sure I have not deleted this file, it's surely a file I don't want to see there. The garbage can was empty but still I could see this file when right clicking but not in explore mode.

I really don't know where to take it from here. Any input is very much appricated!


Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
G'day Morten, welcome. :)

Very weird indeed. For the cd rom problem boot into windows then start menu/administrative tools/computer management/storage/disk management. Look to the right & see if the cd rom is there. If so reassign it a drive letter. (right click on it)


i think i might know how to fix this, but no time right now. will be right back. but first thing is msdos.sys might be messed up so you might want to check this


Hi Hipster,
Which menu? (F8) In the startup or once XP is started?

Hi Raziel,
What is msdos.sys and how do I deal with it.




Found it.
The Cd-Burner was not there.

BUT-- The computer restarts and starts normally now and it was one light in the burner which was not there before. So I'm getting closer. I have no idea why it starts normally, will try several times to see if it stays good, or if it's just messing with me.


I'm using NTFS
I tried to start the computer and I had to restart it by pushing the button 4 times before it startet, reminds me about an old snowmobile I had a long time ago.
For the cd-burner it stand that it does not find it as a primary slave but as a sec. slave.


Yes I checked it and it does not stand anything about how to get XP to find the drive.

I'm more concerned about not beeing able to start my pc though.
Since it followed me after a format it must be something in the bios, right?


The bios is from april this year.
It could be some hardware problem yeah.
Have never flashed it. How do I do it?
This is the info about the bios:

BIOS Manufacturer : American Megatrends
BIOS ID : 62-0429-001131-00101111-040201-SiS735
BIOS Date : 04/29/02

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
The bios is new enough. I'd start looking at hard ware. If you know what is what open the case & start by taking something off. Maybe start with usb devices from the back. Boot up & see how it goes. Then take the modem out, boot up, see how it goes. Keep going till your at bare bones. Take it slow & watch what you are doing.

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