Weird Problem After Using Partition Magic to Merge Drives


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5 Mar 2002
I had partitioned my hard drive in two (c and e drive) i have since used partition magic to merge them together again. Now when i try and install some thing it comes up "invalid drive E:" can i set it to default back to c drive
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there's some tool that comes with partition tragic to change drive letters, not sure if that would help (it is easy enough to change drive letters actually, but the program tries to adapt the registry and program parameter entries...

You did not tell us if on merging the windows drive is now the C: drive ro something else? The C drive is the usual default and I am guesing there's a registry entry you may need to adjust - possibly a whole raft of them....
When i partitioned c was the main drive and e was for basically my docs and music and such. I only merged the e drive back in to the c drive ,although the icon for the e drive was like a pen drive with waves similar to wireless
If I am understanding correctly, you have since merged the two C and E drives back to one, and when you go to install something it looks at the E drive for an installation path.

Is this when you install certain programs, all programs? May need to run the Windows Installer Cleanup utility.
I cannot help wondering if that icon selection could be a clue? But it is late/early and I cannot quite work it out as to how - of course a screenie is out of the question? We really need more info to be of any help.....

one lateral option - restore or repartition to put that E: drive back - is that an option for you?

BTW can you see why I called it partition tragic now? You NEED to KNOW what you are doing with this in this arena....
I did notice the Partition Tragic ;)

I agree that you should know what you are doing, but most of the time they ask if you are sure before carrying out any actions :rolleyes:

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