Weird power pulsing problem


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4 Mar 2003
This morning my second computer started playing up, it seemd to have no power, even the fans could only run at very slow speeds.

I thought the PSU was faulty so I put a spare Thermaltake 750 watt PSU in. Now when I turn the power, the lights and fans seem to pulse and nothing else happens.

I have tried it without any cards or accessories with no luck also checked the memory

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Also, try reseating the headers for the power and reset buttons from the case.
Just tried it on your suggestion, no difference, thanks anyway. This means that I have disconnected / unplugged every single plug on the mobo now. I'm think the mobo must have bit the dust?
disconnect all your devices too. I'd suggest sliding optical drives forward to ensure no contact.

All you should have to power on is a bare motherboard (no cards, no ram, no devices plugged in. Then use a flathead screwdriver to turn the power on. If it still pulses take the board out the case and try it again.

If it still pulses you want a new board.

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