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Weird freezing/start up problem


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I started experiencing a very strange problem that I can't figure out, this is how everything started.

One of my DVD ROMs doesn't work properly and requires eject button spam in order to actually eject, so when it finally did few days ago, i sort of pushed it in with some force.

After I've done that computer just froze, and I couldn't even move the mouse. I proceeded to restarting the system but nothing was showing up on screen, then i turned it off then on again, it started, shut itself down again and started again but nothing was showing on the screen.

After I pressed reset button several times it finally started up and it booted. When i reset the computer the start up problems are still there, and also it randomly freezes depending on what I'm doing.

Does anyone have any idea on what might be causing this? I just wanna know what it is so I can fix/replace it.

Thanks in advance, any help is apprecieted

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take the iffy dvd drive out of the pc - sounds like it is intermittently being picked up and then dropped by the system.

Friend of mine had similar issues like yours and it turned out to be a defective hard drive
Have you tried disconnecting the DVD drive to test it without one in. Maybe there's a short in the drive that may be causing it to act this way.


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I did, and the reset and power buttons seem to work ok now but this is what I noticed.
The multiplier for the cpu jumps from x6 to x9 back and forth. Any ideas as to why this is happening?


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either your bios is setting things wrong for some reason, and may require a reflash - or that prog has a bug and isnt picking it up right

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