Weird File Keeps Appearing

Whenever I watch a WMV file, it places a file named "dxva_sig.txt" in the folder where the WMV is. I've googled it and it seems to be divx related, but didn't find an answer as to why it's created, or how to stop it from being created. The file seems to be useless, just the letter B. Not a HUGE deal, because it only creates one file per folder, and it's only 1kb. Just really annoying.

Any idea on how to stop this thing?


(already virus and spyware scanned)


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You might wanna try this.

It seem to have something to do with the latest Radeon driver release.

Anyways the fix is a Codec 75 install.
But Windows being the POS it is - installing Codec 75 from good'ol MicroSoft ala:

You can find security settings wont allow for this codec to be installed ...go figure!

So some kind person on the net made a quick and easy .exe that installs the needed codecs without the need for ****ty windows security settings to be altered. YAY!

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