Weird Counter-Strike Problem


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2 Feb 2008
Hi, I just wanted to say I suck w/ computers, but I love to play video games and this godamn dell wont let me. The thing is whenever I play counter-strike, it works fine in public servers (16v16). But whenever I play in scrimmages or matches (5v5) almost in all match servers. It doesnt make sense to me why a server with more people would operate better than a server with less people. The way my cs freezes is that I can still press control alt delete and start with windows task manager, but if I try to end the program or close it the whole computer freezes at that point . HELP ME!


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12 Apr 2002
There are usually more scripts running in proper scrims and pugs and matches. Therefore it's possible there is something screwing your game up for you as a result.

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