Weird computer problem..


The Idiot Circus Boy
9 Jan 2004
A client just dropped off one of their business PCs for me to inspect after if failed to boot a few days ago -- this comes the day after we had an unexpected, early spring storm.

He tells me his monitor smells funny [the pungent electrical smell], so I figure that's toast.

I'm playing with the PC today: the power supply seems fine [no smell] and is supplying power to the board [there is a green LED on the board where the supply plugs into signifying the presence of power]. The hard drive spins up, however, I receive no video signal and do not hear the hard drive reading/writing as one should do when booting to an OS. I also noticed when I plugged in an ethernet cable that the power AND transmittal LEDs were constantly on.

I'm thinking the motherboard is shot? It seems like it's not even POSTing or relaying a video signal at all. Thoughts?
i think you may be right. disassemble the computer and remove the board. look for any burnt "tracers" along the board. i think you'll find one. in any event the board might need to be replaced. i would test all the separate componets, to see if they are the culprit as well. and have your client invest in a UPS that has at least a $20,000 connect Equipment warranty.
I tracked it down to the internal modem getting hit by lightning [flash burns on the circuit board]. It boots up albeit slowly. Thanks!
is it possible to disable the internal modem via the bios?

see if that helps any?
Oh it was just a standard PCI modem, not onboard. I believe they are just going to trash it and use insurance money to buy new. :)
as far as the ethernet goes, are you sure you are using a crossover cable, dont worry about the question if you have it connected directly to a switch or hub
dont mind me, i need to read the whole thread before i post

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