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Weird computer error (and real)



I got this bogus error while running a quick restore cd on a Compaq PC. Apparently the disk was dirty in one little spot, and the drive couldn't read through that dirty spot. So it displayed this error message, which is a classic.

See the attached file, post your comments on it. I had to take a picture of it with a digital camera pointed at the CRT, so I'm sorry for the wavy lines in it; tried to match the monitor refresh rate the best I could.


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Sweetest error ever!

that sounds like something that i would do. when i code java for my class i'm taking, i come up with errors like that. Like File not found would be: "Must have scared the file, because it's not here."

hehe lame, but it made me laugh :)


I don't know who coded my error, but it actuallly came up on the screen, and I literally fell out of my chair when I saw it. It was nothing that I altered in any way. And it was on a special OS that runs quick restore on computers, and is designed to look like Windows 9.x.


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its probly a prank someone is playong on you. I've seen lots of little programs that do that. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and see if you have any weird application running in the background. If you do, then terminate it and see if you get the error again.


Maybe I should add to the thread that this is not a tech support issue, just a general chat thread to see what other people think of a bogus error like this one (for S&G's).

Sorry o_87, this was no prank.

Sorry almostfamous88, no virus.

This actually came up because the restore process couldn't continue because of a dirty disk. Ctrl+alt+delete didn't do anything anyway. It is a propriatary OS that Compaq built for quick restore purposes.

That error was easily solved by cleaning the disk. I took a screen shot of it because it was so hilarious.

Once I had cleaned the disk, everything went fine on the quick restore, plus it was a long time ago.

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