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weird BSOD.. please help..

I keep getting this blue screen of death.


and it keeps freezing the computer. it will just freeze and nothing else will happen. alot of people said it happens cause of alcohol or daemon tools but both are uninstalled and it still happens. I have a 1.3 ghz AMD athlon with 320 mb ram using windows xp pro. anything I can do to stop getting this error?
ok I didn't understand a word of that heh. now I got another BSOD and it said ftdisk.sys this time. restarted the comp and now it is running really, really slow. what can I do to get rid of these errors and all of this random freezing? I can't understand them links.
In English the first link is useless. The second link blames it on the HD most likely.

Before doing anything back up your data!

Turn the system Off. Check the ide and power cables to the drive.
Reboot, run a windows disk check or the manufacturers utility program.

It could also be an issue with not enough ram or with your pagefile set too small.
I don't get this. I use a program named coolmon to monitor my computer. the cpu usage turnes to like 80 percent even when I move my mouse. I ctrl+alt+del to see what is taking up my cpu speed and there is nothing. highest mem usage is explorer and thats 10,000 somehting. wich is normal. everything is normal. I will move my mouse over objectdock and the cpu usage goes up to 80 percent or higher. do anything on my comp and the usage goes real high. the computer is going slow. starts up slow. and just lags ever since I got that fdisk.sys BSOD. does anyone know what is going on? does anyone know how to fix this?
Run a system file check on your installation.
Stick your OS CD in drive.
Click on start, run.
Type in sfc /scannow and hit ENTER.

The earlier diagnosis of a possible HD issue is bang on.... try the sfc first, let us know if anything gets better... or worse.

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