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Weird Boot PRobs



I've got a Celeron 700 w/a 10Gig WD Hard Drive and 382 Megs. Tried several times to no avail to upgrade from Win2kPro to XPpro. Every time it would go to reboot after doing the initial install it would freeze at the windows splash screen. some people I know who installed successfully told me they had to wipe the drive first, so I tried this but I keep getting a similar problem now in the setup screen. When it says its going to start windows, it will just sit there, for hours on end. I tried everything I could think of. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.


Are you using ntfs format or fat 32? I had problems all the time with fat 32. When I went to ntfs format they went away. Also this may be a hardware problem. Pull your sound card and modem card and your joy stick and your printer and scanner, then see if it will start. If not try installing windows with all these disconnected. If xp works fine with everyting out of the computer than its a hardware problem. From this point install one thing at a time and reboot each time. If after installing a hardware device the problem shows up again, then you know that was the problem. Just disconnect it. Go to the web site of the manufacturer and find out if your model hardware has problems with xp. Hope this helps. ikester

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