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Weird audio problem

Hi, I have a onboard Hd realtek audio device.
Now my issue is, when I play ANY game, as soon as the game loads, I loose my subwoofer sound. I have a 5.1 altec lansing sound system. everything else works, BUT the sub.
I have a button on my remote which enables/disables 5.1 and just gives front speakers, and when I do that, the front works and my subwoofer comes back on.

Now I tested my 5.1 with mediaplayer and winamp.. when playing a CD or movie.. everything is fine... But as soon as I load a game, I loose the sub, the 5 channels still work in surround, just no bass.

I updated the drivers, I have the right ones for the HD realtek, I have the windows HD audio driver update also.

When I run the test with my realtek sound utility, I can test every channel (5.1) correctly.

What can cause this problem??
I know its not my games because i've tried about 6 of them and they all do the same thing.

I also have updated audio codecs.
Everything is connected properly also.
yes the game supports 5.1, all of them do, half-life 2, fear,farcry.
its the same problem in ALL games... the surround sound works, but NOT the bass..

when there is a sound from behind, i hear it behind, side=side,center=center... everything is fine in the games, just no subwoofer.

And then as soon as I quit my game and return to windows,woofer is back.

Now I don't know what could be causing this...never seen it before
I noticed on my asus hd control panel that if I had bass management ticked and full range speaker ticked bass didn't work either. As no pc targeted speakers are full range ensure those are unticked (ofcourse if you are plugged into your full-range hi-fi speakers check the full range boxes accordingly).

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