Websites stop loading for no apparent reason?


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Hey all,

I have noticed this one problem every now and then with Websites loading. I do nothing different that would cause this to happen, but what will happen is that some sites I go to won't even try to load. You go to the URL, and you see the bar at the bottom just IMMEDIATELY come up saying it can't load {The Load bar that times how much of the page is done loading}

Basically it really doesn't think twice about loading the page. So far this page has done it once, as well as my BFE Forums... They will work, then all of a sudden just stop mysteriously. It automatically just comes up that the page will not load. I have always thought that it was an ISP Problem, so what I'd do was shut down all open windows, and then reconnect to my ISP... but that won't help. Only a reboot fixes the problem.

Any ideas?


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Ugh, I just siad that it isnt the ISP, otherwise reconnecting would help... a reboot is what fixes it. besides, getting a new ISP is not that easy, heh.

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And then the problem comes back. Do you trust your ISP that much? A lot of them give crappy service. See if you can 'borrow' a friends (different ISP) for an hour or so. If it still does it then you can definately rule ISP problems out. They may even have free ISP's where you live.


try removing TCP/IP and reinstalling, or just go for remove/reinstall of DUN

if you have XP, then you will have to reset TCP/IP


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Hipster, this problem is not constant, it just happens out of the blue every now and then... I am convinced it is a problem with Windows XP or at least Internet Explorer, because of the fact that chat programs will still work when that happens. Its as if it doesn't even try to load, not one second. It automatically assumes that it can't load, no internet activity is being performed when it does that...

I just might try that JKO, just a matter of seeing if the problem comes up again. :/ Also just a matter of figuring out how to do that.


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Well the problem has happened yet again. I actually managed to find my way to the screen with the TCP/IP Install / Uninstall, QoS Packet Scheduler, and Two other services that weren't in use... but I cannot uninstall the TCP/IP Protocol. Any other ideas?


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if its any consolation, im having the same problem
or atleast i did
it only happened whilst i was going through another machine via ICS to connect to the net
when i used a proxy (analogue x) and set this machine in that way to go through proxy rather than ICS, it worked fine and still does

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