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Website Oppinions and Ideas...



Hey everyone. I have been working on a website for a while and I am kinda stumped on things to add to it. I started out with just HTML coding and this is what I have so far. Please give me your honost oppinion and maybe throw in some ideas that might improve the site.





its only fun
Hi ReCoil,

All I get is a page with

You Don't Need This Page Anymore.... Close This Sucka!

and exactly how long have you worked on this website:huh:

Let me guess..... erm.....30 secs :D :D

but it looks good;)


I may actually be insane.
chromeless windows are used (looked at the source)
These are basically pop-up windows, so if you have any means of blocking pop-ups, turn them off then view the site.


I hate the feeling when something has taken over my screen, my instant response is to close the window regardless of the contents.


I may actually be insane.
Ok, the page doesnt work with Mozilla, and doesnt appear to load in IE either.
It can be loaded by putting the 1 in the URL as xsiv says.


Ok, Thats really wierd.... It works for me... My chromeless window comes up and then you close that page that says close... mmmm
Let me get back to you guys on this in a few minutes....


I may actually be insane.
yup, got that from the source :p
My advice would be to kill off the chromeless window, personally i hate pop-up sites, and find chromeless ones even more annoying.
Perhaps you could just have a splash page as a sort of intro?

Other than that, its fine, your images seem to be a different colour from the site background colour too (Should imagine this is down to jpeg compression..try using png files)
And also you could put style="border-style: solid" into your table tags, this just improves the way they look in Mozilla.


I think its the balls... I also agree with the above statements; whenever anything/website goes full-screen on my ass, instant thoughts of closing it set in. Not the impression you want to first instill in your new viewers. (the only exception is this website, it's too good)

Aside from that, looks so kick-ass.

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