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Whats the best program to make a website. You know, something like Firstpage 2000. I just dont like that one. Do you know what i mean?

Forntpage puts all kinds of "garbage" code in the HTML. I have found that as far as WYSIWYGs go, Netscape composer works well (the one for Netscape 7, not 4.x). My wife uses that and I must say the generated source code is cleaner; It still adds some uneccessary stuff in there, but not as bad as Frontpage.

Personally, I use a program called "Pad" by Hesky Data Software ( http://www.hds-pad.com/ ). I like it because it has context highlighting, unlimited undo, and a "cliptray" which comes in handy for commonly typed words/phrases.



Well, the best program for you to make a webpage is no doubt Notepad for the HTML programming, and Adobe Photoshop is the best for graphics after my opinion.

But for all those who cant HTML, let me reccomend Macromedia DreamWeaver. Its the best HTML program I have ever tried.

- Good luck :D
DreamweaverMX with that Create XHTML Compliant Code box ticked ;)
Whats better is that the code it creates is XHTML compliant :D

Next step up in design is Maguma PHP Studio

Personally I use DWMX to create a layout in just XHTML, then I will chop all that up as required for PHP with Maguma.
Graphics I use Photoshop then slice it all

Last thing you need is a good imagination ;)

Zorensen nice sites you have done there, think the forfaen.com is the best name for a site I have ever seen :p
All of you guys who say "Notepad" just want to prove something... Dreamweaver (the way I use it) is no different than notepad, but I don't have to go through the trouble of saving the document and then opening it in a browser to view it. I just simply press F12. Also, the colorcoding of code in Dreamweaver just adds to the usage. When notepad adds these features then I'm all over it, until then... Dreamweaver is worth the cost. I can program all day with Notepad, but why? Dreamweaver makes it so much easier to add graphics or change text. Speed and ease of use are what I like. I don't like to waste my time.

Jason Roberts

I'd have to agree with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX being the best HTML editing program. I am currently learning about it and also its other programs (Flash MX, and Fireworks) at TAFE (college).
Jason make sure you dont just learn the package, learn how the code works as well, so that if you go to work somewhere and they use Adobe GoLive you arent up a creek without a paddle, theres too many unis/colleges which only teach the packages.

Also under File > New in DWMX tick the box marked "Make Document XHTML Compliant"

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