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I've already asked bman this on msn but incase he can't/doesn't want to I need the following:

A logo centered around the name "Broken Ninja". I intend to use it for a new hosting thing I want to try and get started on the side. Since I'm paying for these hosting services rather than using my own kit it should be a better performing system :)

In return I can provide either a free domain name or hosting. Since bman already has both from me he gets first refusal.


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I will be giving it a shot sometime tonight or tomorrow morning. I will post 2 or 3 versions to see what ya like.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
aww shout - I'd try but Bman I just know would beat the crap out of anything I could come up with :( ;)

I mean, I wear the guys sig! :cool:
Here are a quick few, not sure if you wanted the logo to actually be Ninja related or not, let me know.
You could have the blade broken mid way down. Or perhaps cross the broken pieces, so you've got the part with the grip going horizontally and the broken tip going vertically providing a top and left border. If the broken ends reached to the edge of the image the logo could be placed in the top left of the browser window.


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I like the top right one. I'm wondering what you could do with a ninja sillohette (sp?).

You can make the slogan "Worldwide hosting solutions" :)

Also I intend to put it on this template unless bman wants to try and come up with something else:

At the moment (as you can tell, it took me this while to reply) I am busy and I am not up for designing another site (unless maybe paid lol). So ya use that template.

I will update the one you liked in the top right, adding the slogan and trying a broken blade. I will try and see what I can do with a ninja sillohette, simple enough. It's 12PM right now, give me the day lol, I just woke up.

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