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Okay, I've decided to get off my lazy ass and put my server to some use. I'm going to make a blog site, and need some help. I have a concept for the design in my head, but I don't know if I can implement it(I have very little programming knowledge). I am going to use Dreamweaver MX. Well first of all I want to know if I can have a background that will look the same at all resolutions. For example, Visitor X has a resolution of 800x600, Visitoy Y has a resolution if 1024x768, and Visitor Z has a res of 1600x1200. What I want to do is be able to make my site look the same to each one. How would I go about doing this?



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CSS is your best friend.

And for a background, i use repeating pic, if that is not what you want, once again CSS is your friend.

You need a lot of CSS help, let me introduce you to my favorite web designer SPEEDY_B :p.


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Right, well you can use some javascript that detects the resolution, but I personaly hate these sort of scripts, they're a pain to manage, and some people have JS disabled for security reasons. They can also be thrown off by none "standard" resolutions (such as those of notebooks)

Second you can make an absolutely HUUUUUUGE background, that will fill the screen no matter what res the page is viewed in, obviously this means smaller resolutions (those freaky people that use 800x600 :confused: ) will only see part of the image.

Third, a horizontal image, like the one we use here on the Orbitz theme, these backgrounds can't be very detailed as they will have to be small to cater for smaller resolutions, but they can work effectively if used right.

Fourth, as X says, tiling, quite possibly the best option, for example the Ekko theme here, and X-Istences forum. Tiling requires a single very small image (therefore 56k friendly) which will just repeat itself over and over requiring the user to only download it once.
Larger images can be used for example a friends site here: http://darksidewrestling.com/deezy/

There may be some method either with PHP or java/javascript that will allow you to resize the image to just fit the screen (haven't really looked into this..) but that would just leave the image most likely to be distorted/blurred/fecked.


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Not in this situation. It wont bring up anything that is usefull in this case, it only gives you bits and peaces and a lot of newsgroup postings.


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Well the site is up: http://ofg.ganai.com

Two things are bothering me at the moment:

1.) If you look in IE, at the splash screen, there is a little "space" between the image and table, while there is nothing like that in Firebird.

2.) The table in IE looks "2dish", while Firebird chooses to make it look more "3d". I would like Firebird to make it look "2d" as well.

Thanks again.


I may actually be insane.
1) not entirely sure...

2) Instead of
border="1" bordercolor="#A5784A"
style="border:1px #A5784A solid"

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