Website does not fit in my resolution!




Just thought I'd pop a note to let you know that the main screen doesn't fit in my 800*600 resolution, that I have to scroll to the side to see it all! And I can't change the resolution as I'm on an LCD laptop screen!

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Yeah, we are working on it. We have to be careul with thing stho, for serious mistakes etc. we are on our won now :)


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Align Problem With Mozilla

It seems theres an aligning problem when using mozilla on the front page, i mentioned this to a mate (who knows a LOT about compliancy and coding etc) and he says this should be the solution

<wabbit> dave
<wabbit> <td width="100%" background="ekkoimages/topbg.gif">
<wabbit> the line after
<wabbit> with the <p> tag
<wabbit> causes it
<wabbit> your gonna havta define css for <p>
<wabbit> or make a new tag
<wabbit> or
<wabbit> use style="" in the img tag
<wabbit> to align it
<wabbit> remove the <p align..>
<wabbit> and add:
<wabbit> style="align:right"
<wabbit> to the <img tag>
<wabbit> and it views perfectly then
<wabbit> for clarification
<wabbit> <td width="100%" background="ekkoimages/topbg.gif">
<wabbit> <img alt="" border="0" src="ekkoimages/slogan.gif" style="align: right" width="226" height="47"></td>
<wabbit> pass that on to whoever does the code dave
Dont know if this will be any help, but thought it worth a mention :happy:


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glad it's gona be fixed. i noticed it in ie6 as have 2 scrool either way to see the whole frount page @ 600*800...but the rest ofthe forum is fine.

scrollingm is a sign of the devil:D :D

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The site won't support 600x800, but when I am allowed to have a fiddle and get anything that is broken working again I will make it so it works correctly at 800x600 as XP-erience did (noticed that other sites don't work at 800x600 - neowin. w2s. hohum.)

I'm not allowed to touch for a few weeks tho.
More themes are coming.

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Lieky uo wouldn't believe... I think we are gonna wait for vb3 anyway, give that a few weeks to get into circulation then jump in ourselves... features alot of my hacks anyway.

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