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1 Sep 2002
So I noticed this board critiques website design (Site Finally Completed thread). Perhaps someone will help me with mine. There are some W3C errrors and I don't know how to fix them as I think they are due to 3rd party code errors. The site is old and I'm thinking of updating the site (and themes as well)
First and foremost error: Parse Model. Check your DOCTYPE, the HTML in that doctype needs to be lower case, grab an example from any website, I do suggest instead of going for HTML 4.01 Transitional, go for XHTML 1.0 transitional.

<META name="verify-v1" content="VaGP6T+NRhP7ChFYRh9vio5ZhezqGM7+sn7Hss03Yto=" />

What is this used for? If nothing remove it. This is an error you probably will keep having.

The next one is the script from google ads, add an extra </script> right on that same line.

You are also not nesting properly:

<html> <body> </html> </body>

for example is not valid.

<html> <body> </body> </html>


same with:

<script> <center> </script> </center>

is also invalid, which is why you get error on line 46 - > 52

because you need to use:

<script> <center></center> </script>

Fix those simple errors, and then get back to us.
maybe it's late and I'm tired and my eyes don't track too well. I'm confused


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Look at the line the last arrow is pointing at. And look what is right after it, and what the tag right before it is. The tag before it is not a script closing tag, but rather an opening tag. And you pointed your arrows at my post telling you EXACTLY what is wrong.

I even like how your editor shows you the fact that your
tag is misaligned because it shows it as not being syntax color coded.

Please re-read my post carefully, and look at what you have there VERY carefully. Do it early in the morning after a 12 hour long night, not late at night just before going to bed. You will see your mistake. I won't point it out to you anymore.
thanks x-istence. My editor is wordpad though (or notepad). Oh wait, that wasn't an editor but Firefox using "view source"
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