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When it comes to webservers on a linux based system you would 99% of the time think of Apache. Without a doubt Apache is the most popular free webserver and has plenty of resources on the web where you can seek help (http://httpd.apache.org) there are however a number of other free as well as commercial webservers available for other applications.

Apache – http://httpd.apache.org
Most well-known webserver software, with versions available for unix and windows. Currently has two stable releases 1.3.x and 2.0.x

Boa – http://boa.org
Can handle a huge amount of requests per second compared to other webservers. Configuration is very similar to that of apache

Caudium – http://caudium.net
Caudium has both stable and development releases, it has Pike and RXML support.

Roxen – http://roxen.com/products/webserver
Highly graphical webserver. Built around the Pike object orientated language.

Thhtpd – http://acme.com/software/thttpd
Flexible and occupies a small memory footprint. Basic server without high end capabilities.

Tux / kHTTPd – http://kernel.org
Webserver as a loadable kernel module. Unique.

Zues – http://zues.com
Considered the best enterprise level server. Users include ebay and red nose day. Huge amount of features. Price tag of £1100

1. Apache – Pre-fork; CGI; PHP; VHosts; Auth; No Throttling
2. Boa – Select; CGI; VHosts; Auth; Chroot; No Throttling
3. Caudium – Threads; CGI; PHP; VHosts; Auth; Chroot; No Throttling
4. Roxen – Threads; CGI; PHP; VHosts; Auth; Chroot; No Throttling
5. Thttpd – Select; CGI; Auth; Chroot; Throttling
6. Tux – Select;
7. Zues – CGI; PHP; ASP; VHosts; Auth; Throttling

Pre-fork: Start a pool of processes which each handle multiple requests
Threads: Use threads instead of processes/
Select: Use non-blocking I/O and the select() System call to handle multiple requests in a single process, single thread.


I may actually be insane.
Very nice post. I've only ever came across Apache, THTTPd and Zeus in the wild before though, will have to keep an eye out for others :)
Very nice, Sean.

Do you mind if I merge this into the "Favorite *nix Apps" thread? I think it deserves to become a "sticky," and I'd like to keep things in one place so they're easily accessible.
I wouldnt merge it, I think it deserves to be separate
maybe rename the thread to Server Software, and start including database and mail server software in the listing as well
yeah i think sticking it and adding in mysql psql etc into the equation would be nice :)

**merging it with favourite apps doesnt seem right because IMO webservers are much more than just apps :D

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