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Webpage questions


OSNN Addict
how could insert code into my webpage that when a user reaches it, it will tell him his host an ip, also i saw before on a tech show, dont remember where, but i know theres also some code u can put in to, when a user gets there it will show him the contents of C:\. there both little joke things i just wanna scare my dumb friends with.


Secret Goat Fetish
Political User
easyset way is to go to a site were you've seen it + right hand click,go down to view source + copy/paste it:p

it's called "borrowing" + i do it if i see an efect i like:D


OSNN Addict
well i cant think of ne sites that have that stuff or i would have already did that, and i dont know the term or what i could do a search on, cause i cant think of ne thing that in would be in the subject of.

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