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Webpage font recognition

i am writing text on a webpage, and to spice things up a little i want to change the font. what are the fonts that i should stick to that are universal?

and is Tahoma one of them? (viewing on mac and windows 95-XP)


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I always include Sans-serif as the last font, if the browser doesn't know the other font declarations, it uses the sans-serif option and chooses the closest font that it knows with that type of properties.

One CSS declaration is:

font-family:garamond, times new roman, sans-serif;

You should always include Sans-serif as it is necessary for validation ;)


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Comic Sans MS

This is only installed if you installed Office *, this does not come standard with Win2k, as i do not have that font.


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font-family: verdana, arial, sans-serif;

Is my font decleration for all my websites. It has just the perfect look, and if none of those fonts exist, it can fall back on sans-serif.

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