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webcam via http


I have a question. My friend did his webcam via http, so he could check it when he was not at home and all that stuff, just had to type in his IP. I guess he used apache for the webserver, which isn't hard to do, but i had a question on the overall setup of the video to import on the html. How do you load a stream video into http? I have cannon dv camcord(which can act as webcam) and a webcam built into my laptop, so would like to give it a try.

(who knows maybe i will open up a voyer video with lady moo, and not tell her :D just paypal me the $$$)


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You can use Dorgem to serve static images (update every refresh) without any set-up other than installing the app: http://dorgem.sourceforge.net/

Microsoft also used to make a real easy to use Windows Media streaming application, however I don't think that's been updated since Windows Media 7. I'll have a look for it though.


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There's also the unreal media server.. as I recall,it requires a seperate web server but it does near real time streaming of live video.

It is a little more work to setup and get working right, but it was very nice with only a lag time of about 1 sec. Windows Media Server had a lag time of about 15 seconds as the video was reencoded into WMV format to stream..


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Interesting... but I wouldn't want to leave a camcorder switched on 24/7 let alone leave it out in open view for thieves to look at. lol :p

cheap webcams might be an alternative if they have zoom though.


i got webcamXP last night and tinkered with it and its good so far. I think i am going to stick with it. Thanks guys.

I don't think anyone will actually come upstairs and break into this room. I have a keylock on it because of all the expensive stuff here. Plus it lets me have "get away" room from lady mooo.

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