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I'm looking for a good webcam program to use to broadcast You know? I have a website and an FTP addy on it, which is what i think the program should use to upload those pictures. Does anybody know any good, free, programs? I don't like using Logitechs "spotlight" account thing, unless someone can tell me how to avoid using spotlight with Logitechs software.


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ChillCam is a good app, i think i tried a demo a long time ago, but i was quite happy with WebCam2000 at the time


Originally posted by Ninj0x
and why do you think that people would want to look at you anyway? :p
Hey, it was an honest question. no need for any sarcasm or stuff like that. arite.


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Try out Timershot, a free Powertoys XP program that allows you to accomplish what you want to do. Although it may seem difficult to do at first, you are able to set Timershot up to work with a FTP server.



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TimerShot's never worked for me with either of my cams, it just doesn't seem to recognise them, so i can't select anything from the drop-down box


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Weird. Which cams? I have a Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000.

The 4000 looks nice, may have to upgrade =)


I may actually be insane.
My main cam is a "D-Link NetQCam Pro 350 Plus " connected via usb.
and now and then i use my digital camera (FujiFilm FinePix A201) in webcam mode, also via usb.

Both work fine with all of the software/apps mentioned in previous posts above this one, just not with timershot :\


madmatt: I just downloaded TimerShot from Microsoft. I have a Creative Labs Video Blaster Plus WebCam and I am unable to select a device within this program either. Any suggestions?

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