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Web Time

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
I just used my web time clock to bring me up to date. The servers are in the US & when I check the time it changes the time to the US. It has never done this before. Has anyone got a link to a freeware one that I can try. Thanks. All my settings are for Aust.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Thanx for that. I'll try TwoZigzagColt45 seeing as he got here first. Always good to have a backup plan though. :D

I was mucking around with it just after I posted this yesterday & I hit the shutdown button instead of web time. :rolleyes:

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
That's the one I'm having issues with. Seems some of the update sites are not responding & when they do I get US time.

Haven't put the other one on yet. :rolleyes:


I use the Abovnet, New York City site, and have never had a problem.
Hope you get it sorted because it's an excellent program - the best I've ever used.


I don't suppose it could be the Time Zone in your Date and Time properties that has somehow changed?

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Doh! Doh! Doh!
Hipster's been at it again. I don't know how I missed that at setting up xp. It was set fot Canada. Thanx Otter21 that was it. Glad I never got aroung to installing another one. Web time is so simple to use. :D

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