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I have bought webspace from a hosting company. One 2 gig and one 99 gig. On the 99 gig one I am having problems assigning a domain name. Our host got back to me and said that there was no index page on the 99 gig space.
But on the 2 gig space there is an index page. The hosting company says either make an index page or point the domain to another folder other than the htdocs, what I want to know is how do you make an index page.
I'm a complete newbie to this side of things so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Colin :)


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Create a HTML document and call it "index.html". Then upload it to the root folder, which would appear to be "htdocs" in your case.


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Save this as index.html with notepad or whatever. Very basic but it will be something.

<title>Coming Soon</title>
<br /><br /><br />
<h1>This Page... Coming Soon.
Thanks SPeedY_B and xsivforce for the quick reply and help, very much appreciated. I'm off now to give your suggestions a go, keeping fingers crossed :up:

Cheers Colin :)


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Zedric, some hosts use certain cpanels that wont do anything unless there is an index page of somesort present.. odd i know but it does happen


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most control panel stick a standard index.html page in the folder for the newly added domain, at least sensible ones do ;) :p

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