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I may actually be insane.
31 Mar 2002
I'm after a content management system for my site, but haven't had much luck finding one, I need something with the following features:

Ability to customise the output to what I currently have on the site (basically the date in bold, newline, then the actual post)

Ability to just <? include(); ?> the content into a page

Keep an archive by month

Allow user comments (that does not require registration)

Allow me to download a back-up easily, not overly important, SQL dumps can be obtained.. more of a "nice to have" than essential :)

Most of the systems I've seen are aimed at blogs, and fairly simple, yet would be a pain in the ass to integrate.
Once again, I'll have to mention MovableType.
Been hooked to it ever since I saw Hicksdesign (a blog belonging to John Hicks, a member of the Mozilla branding team, and the one who created the awesome Firefox icon)
That site is a work of art in itself.

The next time I go through a complete overhaul of my site, I'm going to definitely switch to MT.
I just made my own :) in the end its much easier t get everything you want and how you want it
I am working on one at the mo, might be a while til its ready though
MovableType doesn't do what I want.

Khayman: I know, but I know absolutely **** all about SQL
What ones have you tried? All the *nuke* ones?
har, wouldn't touch nuke if you paid me.

Just simple things like b2, Greymatter, MovableType
probably doesn't have everything you wanted but I use geeklog. :/
That's a portal.

I already have the site, other pages and what not, I just need a simple posting system with commenting for the front page.
SPeedY_B: MySQL statements arent that hard to learn, dig around spoono.com they have a few that should cover most of what you would want to do with an SQL database
Then you can always ask for help here as well
SPeedY_B said:
I already have the site, other pages and what not, I just need a simple posting system with commenting for the front page.

If that's all you need, you could sign up for an account at Blogger (now owned by Google) and make it point to your site's FTP for publishing.
Then use BlogKomm for the comments system.

That's exactly what I'm using on my site right now.
If it is for your personal site, check out jahia. http://www.jahia.org/ It will be free for personal use. It is a full blown CMS w/ workflow and portlet ability. This should handle your needs.

You could also check out bricolage, or zope/plone [plone is a "cms" built on the zope application server].
Wowzer, this Mambo doohickey is fantastic! Im very impressed, and the ability to add all the modules and components with just a click of the button is such a good addition... :D
punkandacoke said:
Plone...it works great, but requires server to have python and zope.
I think you're running a server at home right? Well, give it a try anyway.


Nope, some place at a server company. I doubt they offer zope or python.
I've come across a couple news/blog-style scripts that let put it in your site via include();, I'll have to go through my stuff to try to remember which ones.
Drupal isn't as good as plone, but runs off php and mysql.

there is another cms, and it processes all the work through a clientside app and uploads pure html...forgot its name. as soon as I find it I will post it.

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