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Say I wanted to start my own web service company (like that would ever go anywhere), what do I have to do, and what do I go about doing, gettting, needed etc.

I know, a computer built to support space and bandwidth and such, but how do you get on the internet persay...


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You would need to find a co-lo to host your server. Hopefully one that has redundacy. I pay a lot for mine. But I also get 24/7 support.

Most ISPs (cable providers, DSL, etc.) frown on hosting your services and it is normally against the terms of usage.


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Lord is cheap - but you support yourself... Define web service company a llittle more closely though if you want a real answer....

If you are looking to perform hosting etc you will definitely require a number of machines configured in different ways and access to bandwidth quite beyond the domestic realms - maybe 20GB fibre or something.

You need knowledge of and installation of software and systems to support the services you plan to offer. Then you need the admin infrastucture to service contracts for providing those services and billing for them - you should also have disaster contingency and backup covered. The list goes on - but first you really need to define what you are about.


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got answered more then I asked, that's great. I was just wondering about this stuff, maybe one day, who knows maybe I will do it. I was also thinking, maybe I could become one of those image upload sites or something.

It's all just thinking and such, no planning lol

well your best bet would be to get a dedicated server from someone close to your intended market.

theplanet.com for usa target, coreix.net for uk/europe and leaseweb for mainland europe are a few suggestions.

Most datacentres provide you with a few control panel systems as options that let you do the packages you see from most hosting companies reletivley easliy.

you'd want to look into something clike clientexec or modernbill too. Both of these billing packages interface to the most popular commercial control panels.

modernbill and clientexec also integrate with some of the larger API based domain registrars like enom and directi.

24/7 support I've learned is a requirement now rather than an optional extra so you'd want to find yourself a 3rd party support company (though not one from india - they do silly things to servers...)

I could go on but I'm not writing a book and I'm by no means an expert :)

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