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When I do an Update of my Web Site, others tell me they can see the update, but I don't see it until after I reboot. I have tried Refreshing and deleting cookies etc, but it doesn't make any difference. Only a reboot seems to change it, anyone know why this is?


I may actually be insane.
Could do with a little more info.
Are you hosting the web page locally?
What server are you using?
What connection are you using?


I have the same problem, I just delete temporary Internet files and it works! It's just that your computer uses the locally stored version and not the updated one on the net.
Hope this helps.


I may actually be insane.
Heh, I read that wrong, Only just got out of bed, ignore my first reply :)

As goldstar0011 try flushing (deleting) your local cache and see if that helps.
Also If you're using IE try holding down CTRL and clicking the refresh button, this attempts to refresh the page without using the cache.

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