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Web Design Tip Anyone Plz ??


I just wanted to know if anyone out thier has a tip for me when it comes to web design, i have been desigin sites at 800x600 but now ive upgraded to a 21 Inch Monitor ive now switched to 1024, so should i still design sites in 800 ? as a majority of ppl still use that ? or should i start in 1024 ?

Any help would be appreciated, as i dont want to keep switching res everytime i want to work.


He could do multiple pages...

There is a java script that can dectect settings on ppls comps and do one page for 800X600 or 1024X768

Just means you have to double up on the site. I used to do professinal web design and this was a common customer feature that was asked for. Check these guys for easy to use scripts Dynamic Drive.

Or you could do a auto detect to tell them what res they should have..

<script language="JavaScript1.2">

Screen resolution detection and notification Script-
© Dynamic Drive (www.dynamicdrive.com)
For full source code, installation instructions,
100's more DHTML scripts, and Terms Of
Use, visit dynamicdrive.com

var correctwidth=800
var correctheight=600
if (screen.width!=correctwidth||screen.height!=correctheight)
document.write("This webpage is bested viewed with screen resolution "+correctwidth+"*"+correctheight+". Your current resolution is "+screen.width+"*"+screen.height+". If possible, please change the resolution!")


That all depends on content and what the customer wanted when i did it. personally i did everything to fit 800X600. But customers looked over our fact sheet and wanted more and more options. Like i was gonna argue??


Here is dynamics Redirect script..

<script language="JavaScript1.2">

Screen Size Redirect script (By Robert @ http://members.tripod.com/technological_tinker/)
Submitted to Dynamicdrive.com to feature script in archive
For full source, usage terms, and 100's more DHTML scripts, visit http://dynamicdrive.com

if (screen.width==800||screen.height==600) //if 800x600

else if (screen.width==640||screen.height==480) //if 640x480

else if (screen.width==1024||screen.height==768) //if 1024x768

else //if all else



I'm doing a E-commerce title for my project in my college. I'm designing using a 1024 X 768 resolution and i'm using layer on the web page. But when i tried to lower the resolution to 800 X 600 then all the layer things seem to "run away" from the position it ought to be. I'm using a 15" monitor and if i move the page onto a 17" monitor with a 1024 X 768 resolution, will the layer things or watever will "run away" from its exact position.


Design for FULL SCREEN with 800 (really 780) as a minimum.

780 is the width of the screen with the scroll bar on the right.

Simply use a main container table and then subdivide within it. You should have one "section" of data that can grow or shrink as the page is resized. In addition, you cannot guarantee that a person will be using their browser itself full screen, they may have several windows opened. I run a 1600x1200 screen.

So <Table width=100% height=100%>, will make the table the full screen (if the topmost table). Then, you simply have an invisible graphic that is 780 px wide somewhere in the main table (I usually have mine in the top "ad" section. This will allow the page to grow to the full browser size, but will never shrink below 780. If they do, then the user gets the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the screen.

Use fixed columns/areas for the bulk of the page and then use the rest in an expanded way. If you try to alter from one size to another based on the browser, you're going to end up in the same boat -- and you won't cover every possibility either. So either hardcode it -- or make it full browser.

If you prefer to have the entire thing a fixed size, then there is still a lot of life in 800 width and you can make the site look nice too.

Check out http://www.idiotology.com and http://www.gamingvoice.com for examples of both.

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