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I was wondering if any of you coders knew if there is a web calendar that has the following features:

It needs to be viewed by month and you can go forward and backwards to different months and years

Each day on that month needs to be divided into AM and PM

Then each section (AM,PM) of the day need to be able to be selected either Open(Green) or Closed (Red).

All of the results need to be stored in a database for future searching allong with the members name or userID.

I am trying to find one that is fast loding and does not require alot of server usage.

I have seen somewhere where there was a calendar and you clicked on the date(s) and it instantly changed colors is that Javascript or Active X?

I was wondering if any of you have ever seen something like this or that is comproable. I know it is a long list of requirements. If I were to :eek: attempt :rolleyes: to create it myself, which software would be the best to create it out of??

I hope this is not to confusing. Thanks.
I'd check out www.sourceforge.net if I were you. They have tons of stuff and free. If I would make a calender like this I'd use PHP and mySQL. But any webscripting language should be fine (like ASP, Perl, Python) as well as most databases.

Heck if I had time I'd probably try to make it for you as I'm in need of a new project. Sadly I'm also in need of time for such a project. :(


Neat website, any suggestion on books on learning to program in other languages for beginners--I know HTML and that is about it.... Thanks
Our website currently uses asp and with 600 members that each have their own calendars we have over a half a million closed dates in our database---and when someone tries to find someone else with an open date-- Let's just say it is super slow.... So I am trying to look into ways to speed it up.
Sounds like you need to optimize the search routines. What database do you use? As far as I know mySQL is faster than MSSQL ans Access and PHP is faster than ASP. Make sure the searches and comparissons are made by the database engine rather than the script language.

I don't use books myself for learning (really). I usually try to get examples (Sourceforge is good) and learn off them and the language reference (for PHP look at www.php.net).

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