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Web Based SSH Client?

I seen this on someone's site and i cant remember whos. It was a simple clean page that had only a login and password form, hosted from the server that you wish to login to.
After hitting OK it logged you into the server as a ssh session through your browser... Has anyone got any idea where i could get some information on how to do this. I have tried google but i cant find anything directed at my requirements. :eek:


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I'd be a little concerned about running a SSH session from a website. It wouldn't take much for the host to capture anything going through it, which defeats the Secure bit of SSH.


I may actually be insane.
I'd imagine that was MindTerm (example) That's the only "web-based" ssh client I've come across, and seeing as it's Java, it basically runs locally anyway :)
That wasnt at all like the version i seen on the site i know that much... but this is much better looking and feels alot nicer to use. The only reason i need one is for remote admin of my server if i cannot have access to other applications. For example a college network, where i am for the next fortnight doesnt allow software installation or downloading of anysort. So using a web browser to access my server is the only option.

Thanks SPeedY_B :D


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How about sticking a copy of PuTTY on a disk? No need to install it, although it's still no use if you can't run any unauthorised apps.

MindTerm looks pretty useful and comes from a reputable source, although it'd still be worth while to keep an eye on the connections it makes when using it. A little paranoia is healthy ;)

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