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10 Feb 2003
Just spotted this on one of my clips for Klipfolio, made me laugh and cry.
Seeing the words "Brutal" and "Cold" is not the best way to wake up.

You live in Canada don't you? :p It's been below 40 here for two days...=/
chaos945 said:
We could be neighbours, Calgary, AB. ;)
You just added that to your profile didn't you? :p Cause I could not see it before. Anyways, nice to see someone from Calgary on here :)
Thats -22°F without wind sheild for those who don't know.

-22°F = (1.8 x -30°C) + 32

o_87 said:
You just added that to your profile didn't you? :p Cause I could not see it before. Anyways, nice to see someone from Calgary on here :)
Yeah added a few things.
I forgot my clothes in the dryer overnight, I just remembered them now, but when I went to take them out they had been frozen to the insides...
Sorry guys, that's pretty rough. Two days ago it was 78 degrees here and I was riding my bike outside in short sleeves. Now it's about 37, but that's still nothing compared to the negative numbers. :eek:
Too gosh darn hot in Cali. Can't handle that myself.

*puts the laptop away, hooks up the dogs to the sled, climbs back into igloo*

Well it got down to -2 here and we had a couple of inches of snow and it took me from 3.15 to 10.15 to get home from work, 7 hours to do a journey which normally takes 45 minutes!
Evil Marge said:
My god and I complain when it's -6 :eek:
Give us 6 months and we will be moaning that it is too hot!
Hehe, agrees.
We're never happy with the weather in the UK.
Winter's tto cold. Summer's too hot.
I blame it on all that rain :p

/me hugs Spring :D
It doesn't usually go much above 30°C here in the summer; average is around 25°C which is a very nice temperature. I went to California for a vacation didn't get much sleep though it really was way too hot.
gonaads said:
Move to California! :D
You have to tell us non-Californias exactly where to go and where not to... :D In '89 I took a trip to Ft. Irwin, past Barstow in January and February...MAN was it cold! 40ish during the day and 30-below at nite. Needless to say, I really didn't need the sunscreen... :rolleyes:

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